There's been plenty of discussion and controversy over the growth of short term rentals around Sturgeon Bay and Door County.

At DoCo Vacation Rentals, we don’t just work here and invest here.  We live here.  We are raising families here.
We care about the issues that matter to this community.  Among those are the availability of affordable housing and the maintenance of safe and tight-knit neighborhoods.
We also know how important tourism is to our economy. The travel landscape is changing as more travelers are seeking out vacation rentals and unique accommodations.  The communities of Door County can ignore this trend, but they do so at their own peril.
At DoCo Vacation Rentals, we believe the answer is simple – balance.  In an attempt to set the local standard, here’s how we’ll contribute to maintaining our neighborhoods while adapting to a changing travel landscape.
We’re implementing the following policies in our organization:
1.  In Sturgeon Bay, we’ll never list a Residential zoned home as a vacation rental.  When you buy a home, you expect to know and trust your neighbors over years.  This can’t happen when there’s a new set of neighbors every weekend.  While 99% of guests won’t cause any disturbance, it still erodes the sense of community in a neighborhood.
2. In Northern Door, we’ll exercise discretion about which homes are hosted as vacation rentals.  We feel there’s a bit more gray area here.  The tradition of renting out summer homes in Door County is over a century old, and we feel it’s appropriate and expected in many locations.  In many cases, this revenue is an important source of income for owners, that may keep a home in a family for generations.  When we do rent these homes, we’ll always make the rules clear, monitor the properties, and aim to act as good neighbors.
3. When we develop new projects, we will be unique, thoughtful and innovative.  We don’t love the “over-condoing” of Door County any more than most residents.  There’s a place for it, but when there’s too much it erodes the character of our communities.
With these guidelines in place, we hope to serve as a role-model for other Vacation Rentals managers and owners, and to continue to set the bar high.  Our industry is growing and an important part of Door County’s economy. It will be more important in the future.  With any growing industry, there are going to be some growing pains.  It’s important for us to be thoughtful in our actions and engaging with our community, while making decision that consider the needs of all stakeholders. 

This is a hotel.

This is a residential neighborhood.


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