Thanks so much for checking out DoCo Vacation Rentals. Here’s how we landed in Door County, and your invitation to consider staying with us.

Rob was raised in the Chicago suburbs and has been vacationing in Door County his whole life. When he was seven, his parents bought a place here, and they’d come up as often as once a month. No matter what age you are, there’s just something about this part of the world that gets into your blood. As a kid, Rob lived for the ice cream and mini golf; as an adult, it’s about all the outdoor activities, the arts community, and the incredible food scene. There’s so much tradition here, but at the same time, it’s always evolving.

Suzie was also raised in the suburbs, and met Rob when we worked at the same Culver’s (how Midwestern is that?). We bought our own condo in Sturgeon Bay for family visits here, and work trips for our family business. Bit by bit, our business and our vacation rental business grew, and in 2017, we made the move to live in Door County full time. We can’t imagine a better place to raise our boys, Max and Theo.

After our rentals had earned hundreds of five-star reviews on those national booking websites, we launched DoCo Vacation Rentals in 2019, to improve the experience of each of our guests. We’re dedicated to providing a wonderful, seamless vacation rental experience, with easy online booking and no added fees. Whichever property you choose, you’ll arrive to a spotlessly clean, stylish, and comfortable rental. And you can count on us to share our best tips for a fantastic time in our favorite place in the world.

Questions? Check out our FAQs or send us an email! We’d love the chance to connect with you. And whether this is your first visit to Door County or part of a long family tradition, welcome!

—Rob and Suzie Esposito
DoCo Vacation Rentals